Entry #1

Hello, Newgrounds!

2008-11-05 21:41:23 by CitrusWish

Well, hello!

I'm CitrusWish, failure extraordinaire.
I primarily use this account for voting and reviews, but every once and I while I do pump out a mean Flash animation that I'm bored enough to put up here.

All my animation, art, games, ect. Are on my deviantart profile... Check it out, and you win a cookie.



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2008-11-05 21:43:00

i dont want to check it out i just want the damn cookie

CitrusWish responds:

Mkay! Have a free cookie.
That is, if I had a free cookie.
I can give you an anti-cookie, however, which is -1 cookies. It's warm and flaky, slightly transparent, and tastes of string theory.